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Robin Christopherson — From AI to robots, from apps to wearables — let’s design for everyone, OK?

Iolce =(input output lire [read] écrire[write] sur écran [on screen])

This project is organized by my school (Haute École Albert Jacquard) for every second-year student that follows the path to becoming a Web designer. I’ll talk about the project more in detail later.


The first day at school was very different for me this year. I am repeating my year and so I thought that more or less everything would be the same as it was the previous year. Well, I wasn’t expecting that our teacher Mr Bourgaux would do his presentation without a PowerPoint Presentation if you get to know him you know this already is a big deal.


However, he introduced us to what it means to be a web designer and warning us a hard year this is going to be. After this, we ( the students ) had to form 3 classes and many sheets of your iolce project were displayed on the front desk.

There were 4 different topics on the desk and there was the exact amount of sheet so that every group had one sheet and no paper would be left over. As the first years formed the classes between them, they had to form a group of 3. Meanwhile, the second years had to wait, and each group must pick one sheet on the desk. The group of 3 would be filled by on more, by those who are repeating the year. Every group consists of 4 people and has at least one repeater.

Which allows the groups to have one person who already has some experience. Well, I didn’t’ know anybody from the first years and so I was pretty nervous and just searched for them to know who they are. It is important for me to know who they are, or else I don't know who I’m working with. When I found the 3 I was searching for, I just said “hi, I’m Daniel. I’ll be working with you on this”. They introduced them self’s, shortly before we all already left school to head home.

By the way, I wasn’t expecting this project to start right at the beginning because last year I only had it 3 weeks after school began and this year it was like “I’m here no time to breath, let’s make you worry ”.

watching confernce with coffee

Two days later I watched the conference that I was supposed to watch. I watched it leaned back, with my headphones on and with a cup of coffee. I found it very interesting because we tend to forget that not everybody is like us or the people we are used to. Out there, there are very different people using Interfaces and as a developer to keep that in mind is important.

Two days later I chatted with my comrades of the group that I’m in. We decide a work plan, the plan consisted of us 3 boys to resume specific parts of the conference and then to give an interpretation of it in French. Next step is to send our part to Aurore that would handle that those 3 parts connect well together correct left mistakes and to prioritize some parts of the text.Finally, we will look over the text see if anybody still wants to make changes.

Friday 5th of October arrived

The first day of iolce started! Mr Bourgaux would not present without a PP-presentation this time around. He even did a presentation that went over 100 pages, so that already made me laugh a bit.

He held his presentation and I took notes in the back pages of my agenda. He talked about the structure of the content, that it is important to have repetition and a system in the structure of our web page. Furthermore, that rhythm and coherence are core factors of repetition. Reminding us to not forget the thing he taught us in classes, like the paragraph decency, prioritize text, length of lines and so on.


Finally, he explained to us how to write this case-study. Hoping that I’m acceding his expectations, while I’m writing this case-study down. After the presentation, we had to organize the classroom so that every group had tables for every 4 members. My comrades and I quickly installed our desk with our laptops and are ready to work.

We (the boys) had already resumed the text for this day, we just had to rewrite it in French. Once finished. We put everything together in our Google Docs and asked our professor Mr Marchal’s opinion about our content.

Every time the Teacher told us a critique, we tried to improve the text. We did this up to 3 or 4 times. Time flew by very fast. We agreed to share the docs with our teacher and ask him to give feedback.

Timothé rephrasing

Friday 12th of October : still

Well, the week went by without us having gathered until next Friday in the workshop. However, I did write some of my propositions down for when we get back to the workshop. My working group were nice that morning and offered me a cake. I really like surprises but also feel I ow someone something especially if I don’t know people well. I was grateful and wanted to give something back right away. Therefore, I gave them a Milkyway that I had in my bag.


That aside, my group went over my comments and we modified the comments to actual text content. After those modifications, we called Mr Marchal to our desk to reevaluate our Google Docs.

being photogenic

He told us that we are sticking too much on the structure that Robin Christopherson (the person who held the conference that we are resuming in our words) imposed during his conference. Also, we have redundant information and the part about Mayson and the first paragraph of “perception de chance” has to be expressed differently.

We restructured the whole content and even deleted the whole part of Mayson and the other one about the perception of luck. We rewrote those 2 parts again. We finish this and now it’s meal time my workgroup went to get something to eat while I was checking for potential mistakes and analyzing our text that we just wrote again. Afterwards, I checked my briefing of this project and wrote down key dates, project criteria’s and restriction so that I keep those in mind.

My working-group return with their noodles. As they arrived I was already heading home to eat with my Girl-friend and she surprises me with a muffin from Starbucks. It was a cheese-cake chocolate muffin, it was delicious. My belly is stuffed and I went back to my W.G. so we continue working.

My group and I decided to show the teacher the modification we did on our Google Docs. Once that we get feedback will have them written down in our docs. We decide to leave earlier because 2 of the group had an appointment and Simon and I, we didn’t want to be just at 2 working on this and having the other 2 left out.

During the next week, I went on our docs, and the teacher mentioned we should try to make lists. Therefore, I went ahead and left in our Google Docs some proposition of how I would layout those lists.

Friday 19th of October : still

On the next Friday, our last Workshop, we gathered again. Everyone was present as always. Some other groups didn’t seem to have the same luck as me in this aspect, because the room seemed very empty compared to our first workshop. I would even dare to say, that more than the half of the Web students were absent.

imagine half of this gone

However, I showed my W.G. the modification that I suggested. They didn’t seem to like it but I insisted to at least show it to the teacher to see if he agrees with what I wrote. Therefore, we asked him to come over and he answered that this is a personal choice of how we want to this play a list, that what matters is that the content stays the same.

Since he was already at our desk, we also asked him again for quick pieces of advice. The procedure was more or less always the same :

Make modification on the docs, based on previous feedback;

Ask the teacher to take a look at what you edited;

Note his feedback;

Repeat the procedure till the teacher seems happy with your Content.

I think after the 10th time we had to rewrite, we no longer wanted to do this. Never the less, after a short break, we pulled our self’s together and continued to edit our docs. This time I took a different paragraph than the others, for which I was responsible to make essential changes and my W.G. focused on other paragraphs. We took our time to be sure this would be it. We finished and my W.G. went to the noodles store again. Therefore, I went to my Girl-friends school, which is also an H.E.A.J, and had a meal with her there.

The meal is eaten, work is still to be done, my W.G. was waiting for me to return. Once arrived we waited for the teacher to come over to see if this time we are good and can stop changing our text content. He was already busy with the other W.G. so we waited and waited. It almost took 1 hour for it to be our turn. However, he was finally done giving the others advice and came over to our desk.

His seemed to be satisfied and helped us make final changes to our conclusion. We have finally got our text and can start working on our Website.

fooling around

Individual part

For the website, I began with paper and pen. I drew a quick sketch on how I would do the layout and decided on with part of the page should be supported by images. I wasn’t sure about which colour to use.

Me exited

So, I had this idea, to ask people in my circle, which colour they associate to Luck and to people with a handicap. They all answered green for luck, because of 4 leaf clovers. For people with a handicap, most said blue to be the colour, they explain that they think about the signs on the parking, so they said.

Therefore, I decided to use blue as my main colour because the conference is mostly about people with a handicap and making inclusive design and as a secondary colour to take green since we also talk about luck.Everything I needed was collected for me to start the fun part, the coding.

Therefore, I went ahead and started building the website. I had my paper with me on my desk which reminded me of restriction and criteria’s that must be included. I forced my self to comment my code often especially sources that help me complete my webpage. While doing this website we’re on school holidays, and I managed to finish fairly early to send my teacher my page so I could ask them for advice. Mr Marchal and Mr Bourgaux were my saviours both were pretty much the only teachers that gave feedback.

“bokeh photography of person holding green leaf” by Hoan Vo on Unsplash

Lucky to have those feedbacks I was able to improve my site. I’m beginning to feel pride in my work. This means that at least for me, that the results of my work make me happy. I send almost every day progress of my website to my teachers and modified my iolce depending on what advice they gave me.

Now the day before the deadline I’m finishing my Case-Study, so I can add the right link in my .html files. I will still try to complete the website with further bits of advice of teacher that I got.

Wish me good luck with my iolce project and I hope you enjoyed the case-study.

See you in my next article!

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Graduated in Computer Graphics, oriented in Web & Mobile Design at HEAJ Belgium