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The 9th of November arrived quickly and it was already time for the presentation of the “*iolce” project.

  • [iolce = input-output lire (read) écrire (write) sur écran (on screen)]
iolce — Presentation day

We the students of Haute École Albert Jacquard had to prepare stand in which we had to provide a laptop or a mac on which the other student or teachers could watch our mobile version of our iolce website. The teacher would surely give us the feedbacks but won’t tell us anything related to our grad. Those will only be given in January when we have to deliver a fully responsive website.

My stand

So I prepared the stand by my self because my Work-Group weren’t there and didn’t even leave a message so I was unsure if they would even come. As the morning went by they arrived at some point but didn’t even apologize for being late and having to do the work alone. I was pissed but kept this emotion in me so I would not start an unpleasant discussion on an important day like this one.

However, my stand was ready and I had even brought with me my older iPhone so the visitors of my stand could watch the website on a phone.

The stand of my working-group

As I finished I took out a paper and a pen and started phase 2 of the whole day and this was the interviews. We had to interview one student that had to resume the same conference that I had and afterwards find 3 other students with 3 other conferences and interview them as well. The goal is to find out how the other students felt about the project and have another perspective on the school project except our own.

So I started my search and found Eva as the first person to interview she is a first year that had the conference of “how to build an atomic bomb” held by Mike Monteiro.

A3 of Eva
Slack profil picture of Eva

She told me that she found the conference very interesting and that she had a pleasant time working with her working-group. Her WG did work well together.

However, she felt like that time went by to quickly even with the one-week holidays she could not avoid being stressed to finish the website. Especially, since she went on vacation during this one-week vacation. This matters aside she is still proud of the results of her work!

I’was happy that her she had a rather positive experience so I thanked her for her time and went searching my next person to interview.

A3 of Hamza
Slack profile picture of hamza

The next person I found was Hamza he is also a first-year student and had the conference of “the internet of things” by Simon Collison.

He enjoyed that this project is a mobile-first website. Also, he found it interesting to resume a conference and afterwards to create a website of the sole purpose of showing this resume. He had a great and rather easy time coding. In addition, he said that the time he was provided with, was more than enough. He claimed to have finished the website before the holidays even began and that he feels like that he could even do even better than he did now.

However, he is not confident about his English skills and therefore had a harder time resuming the English conference in French. Moreover, he seemed really mad about his working-group and told me

“ Let’s just say, that not everyone in my working group work as much as the others”. — Hamza N’bouhammou

I really valued that although he was mad, he somehow manages to keep his cool and be very formal. I was sorry for him having such unpleasant time with his working-group and wished him good luck for the rest of the day!

A3 of Shamsuddin
Slacl profile picture of Shamsuddin

On to the next person! This time Shamsuddin was being interviewed.

He is repeating his year just like I do and also has the same conference like I did, “From AI to robots, from apps to wearables–let’s design for everyone, OK?” by Robin Christopherson.

He was surprised that this year this project was immediately given to us as soon as our year began. Meaning we got project announced right on the first day of school. This allowed us to have more time compared to last year and also that the workshop was not held in 3 to 4 consecutive days but rather in 1 day per week and 3 weeks before the holidays. He said he really enjoyed these changes compared to last year. I have to say that I absolutely agree with him on this! Since he is a 2.5 student (that is what we call students that repeat there second bachelor year) he was able to guide his group with experience and enjoyed to work with his WG.

He did not have any trouble with designing the website he claims but with javascript and the French language, on the contrary, he did admit to having struggled quite a lot. Additionally, he felt pretty limited with coding and is not sure that we had enough lessons to make a great website. He explains that when he designs the website he is blocked by the fact that he won’t manage to code his creation so that he is forced to design a much more limited webpage.

Finally, he did not like the conference he does not like that Robin had half of his conference held by videos that he play to the audience rather than talking.

Slack profile picture of Lisa

Lastly, I came to interview Lisa the first year like the 2 first person that I interviewed. She had the conference of “What History’s Female Internet Pioneers can Teach us about Tomorrow” held by Claire L. Evans.

Somehow, she was surprised that this project had the deadline “already” for November after the holidays. She somehow thought this would have a greater deadline. She also felt like Shamsuddin very limited with her skills in coding so she could not design anything that satisfying to her taste. However, unlike Shamsuddin, she enjoyed her conference and the topic. Like Hamza, she had some trouble too with her WG. She told that the main problem with her WG was not being available for some parts of the work.

Overall she said she enjoyed this project and it will mark her for a lifetime.

I was happy my work for the day was done! I stock by my stand and made me available for people who wanted to know more about me or my project. Also, I waited for teachers to analyse my website so I could take notes of the teacher's feedback.

Around 4'o clock my teacher had seen my project and everybody seemed finished too and surprisingly enough I didn’t have to be interviewed once. Honestly, I found it a bit disappointing that no one did, but I know that my work is more than okay. That if they didn’t interview me, it’s because that they are jalousing or just afraid that I bite or something similar.

Read on people / Photo by Raj Eiamworakul on Unsplash

If you liked this article don’t hesitate to give an “applause” or if you didn’t like leave a comment and release the rage! Whatever your reaction may be, thanks for reading and I hope to see you in my next article again!



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