Internship — Week 01 (2021)

At Intrépide Studio

Daniel Lucas
4 min readJan 7, 2021,h-900

Happy new year to all of you!

This week I’ll be working from home due to the pandemic. However, this will also give me a new experience.

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First day at work from home| 04/01

My first workday started rather calm. I had to continue working on my bootstrap training, which has become my web portfolio if u recall from the last article. Before the holidays, I finished setting up my Symfony work environment. So I continued where I had left off.

During the day, my supervisor, one of the CEOs, and an employee had a meeting discussing the week's tasks. After the meeting, my supervisor confirmed that there isn’t anything interesting he could give me. Therefore I should continue working on the portfolio.

Welgaume is back| 05/01

The entire part of Tuesday morning was spent working on the portfolio. After lunch, however, my supervisor had a “new” task for me. The client of welgaume has contacted him and wants to add 2 things.

  1. An alert on the home page that displays the most recent article
  2. Add a calendar and from the reservation section on the “gite” pages.

Doing the alert on the homepage was considerably easier than the calendar and formula part since it did not display any errors.

red rectangle displaying the news alert

I spend the afternoon finishing the alert. Tomorrow I will begin the other part.

Translations causing trouble| 06/01

From the e-mail, I got a Pages document that contained code that I need to implant my single-gite. twig. Then I need to dynamize the content and place them in the right order. Once this was done, had to add new custom fields in the reservations section for the newly inserted code: a calendar and a from, in WordPress.

Addition of new custom fields

I entered their values via the WordPress page editor, and locally everything seemed to work. So I git committed everything told my supervisor that everything went smoothly and that even the translation seems to work fine. However, I was badly mistaken once I uploaded the site to the FTP; the calendar and previously worked on the Netherlandish version are now displaying errors…

Error on the NL version

Also, my supervisor checked on the alert part and I now have some things to correct.

  1. No touching on functions.php but rather on the home.php. Do modifications there. Also, I didn’t filter the content only to load one post.
  2. Delete new lines and add context[‘articles’] instead
  3. I’ll have a table, so I need to set the alert correctly
    {% for article in articles %}

Going back to the reservation and the translation issue, I soon found out why it wasn’t working. You might think that finding the reason makes finding the solution much easier. That’s what I thought too, but I didn't find any solution to solve this problem on this day.

Reason : “post_reservation_id_calendrier_publication” value missing

Solved the reservation problem| 07/01

After many attempts of trying out one thing after another, yesterday and today. I found the solution to my problem this afternoon, which I could never have predicted. Somehow the WPML WordPress plugin was bugging, and by toggling from advanced translation to simple and then back in the WPML settings, it somehow enabled WPML to recognize the newly added ACF. That's how this problem got solved, and I’m happy to have found it on my own after such a struggle to search for a solution.

Once this was done, I did some styling to the search button and added some spacing to the form and between the form and the calendar.

Calendar and from on NL version

Maybe last day of remote Work| 08/01



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