Internship — Week 01

At Intrépide Studio

Daniel Lucas
6 min readNov 24, 2020

Introducing my self

My name’s Daniel, and I am currently studying Web & Mobile Design at “Haute École Albert Jacquard.” To complete my year and get my bachelor's degree, I have to succeed with a good mark in my internship and finals project. I manage to get an internship at Intrépide Studio in Holtz (Luxembourg). It's a small Full-stack agency that produces very qualitative work.

My supervisor is Mr. Cyril Pierret he the Head of the Development sector. He will evaluate my progression to determine that I’m ready to work for any Web agency. I’m glad he is since he seems to be more than willing to give me the best learning experience possible.

My first day | 16/11

I wasn’t nervous on my first day because the Intrépide team’s hospitality is delightful. They are also very open-minded and kind to each other; the work environment is small but cozy and has a warm charm. I am very spoiled with my working equipment and get free coffee. I got time to adapt the desk and so on to my likings.

My work desk

As soon as I was well installed at my desk, Cyril introduced me to my first task, “Migrate all projects to Intrépide’s Gitlab.” This task consists of 6 steps that are needed to be repeated for each project;

  1. Backup (Thanks to “Updraft plus” WordPress plugin)
  2. Update Plugins (also on WordPress)
  3. Sync the project with that Manage Wp plugin
  4. Get all Files from FTP
  5. Manage “.gitignore”
  6. Push to Gitlab (once on the developer branch than on the master branch.

The list of which projects and how many I had to migrate were shared with me via Asana. I finished half of this list on the first day. I noticed that working with files that have to remain confidential is a serious task and that the ‘.gitignore’ has a vital role. Thanks to this file, all other files containing confidential information, like logins, are preserved from being uploaded to the internet.

I also encountered one error on the terminal every time I had to push the project to Gitlab.

error message :

“! [remote rejected] feature/test -> feature/test (pre-receive hook declined)
error: impossible de pousser des références vers ‘’ ”

Therefore my supervisor advised me to change the final steps into the followings;

  1. Create the project folder in the right location.
  2. Git clone “the project .” in the terminal.
  3. Get files from FTP and add them to the local folder created before.
  4. Add .gitignore (with : cp ../project_that_contains_gitignore/.gitignore)
  5. check if it got added with “ls -a”
  6. git add - - .
  7. git status (to check what got added)
  8. git commit (“comment the changes”)
  9. And finally, git push

Investors visit| 17/11

On the next day, the agency got some visitors, and they are interested in a merger. Therefore a good portion of the afternoon was spent discussing. However, in the morning, I got some other tasks assigned to me. Update the menu on Ladygreen’s web site and to do some search on the top 5 “cookie” plugins for WP. First, I started with Ladygreen’s menu update, which was very easy to do since it was practically only copy-pasting text to the right location.

After this, I continued the migration of the remaining projects to Gitlab. While being uploaded to GitLab or being transferred via FTP, I searched on my top 5 picks for “cookie” plugins.

My top 5 picks for WP cookie plugins

At the end of the day, all projects are backup on Github.

Hands-on Coding & Bootstrap| 18/11

Wednesday morning, my supervisor wanted to show me how a website can be protected from spam. Meaning, that some “robots” won’t be able to gather data by filling out forms. He told me of 3 methods that are used,

  • ?????
  • The honeypot method is u basically hiding a form that isn’t supposed to be filled.
  • The Captcha or Recaptcha (from google) that we will be using.

He also explained that those “robots” could not read AJAX, which means they can not recognize JS.

However, to incorporate a Recaptcha, we needed to have access to the FTP of the respective client. Unfortunately, the client wasn’t replying quickly enough. As a result, my supervisor instructed me to add the “cookie-notice” plugin and talk to our designer to customize the cookie bar.

In the afternoon, Mr.Pierret gave me a page design that I had to copy by coding bootstrap. The objective is that I familiarize myself more with bootstrap and understand its syntax and usefulness.

left: the whole page of mine(not finished) right: random design provided by my supervisor

Bootstrap & Install WordPress| 19/11

Thursday, I arrived almost half an hour earlier and used this time to do some light cleaning before my colleagues arrive. They appreciate and thanked me for this gesture. After some coffee, I resumed with my bootstrap code. This exercise was soon put on hold since my supervisor asked me to install WordPress and all requirements to work on a new project locally.

The documentation provided by my supervisor

The beginning of “welgaume”| 20/11

Supervisor’s notes about welgaume

On Friday, we started a new project which is called “wellgaume.” Welgaume is a static website, which we have to turn into a dynamic website. My supervisor took some time to explain how I should proceed with this task to complete it. However, he was presuming that either way, I wouldn’t finish today, and he was right, but that I should try my best. Also that on Monday, we would have to show him my progression and ask my questions about the difficulties that I encountered.

In the afternoon, I asked Mr.Chalon, one of the Designers, his opinion about my internship report’s images and photos. He showed me the cmd+shift +4 shortcut to take screenshots on Mac since I'm usually used to Win10. He insisted that if he could be of any help in that regard, not hesitate to ask for help.

This quick week is over, and I have yet much to learn. I’ll become another person when my internship ends. A person that is much more prepared for what is coming in the professional world. I am looking forward to continuing my internship next week!



Daniel Lucas

Graduated in Computer Graphics, oriented in Web & Mobile Design at HEAJ Belgium