Internship — Week 02 (2021)

Daniel Lucas
5 min readJan 15, 2021


At Intrépide Studio

After a calm week of remote work, I’m allowed to return to the office.

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First day back in the office| 11/01

This morning, I met the new Intrepide Studio designer; she was hired during the week of remote work. Since we had one more person, I had to rearrange some of my work material to fit in one more table and give our new designer her working desk.

left: current desk / right: my desk before

This morning my supervisor took some time to set up some necessities to allow my portfolio website to display all my published projects due to a CMS. However, during the explanation, the CEO’s called us for an internal meeting to manage the week's tasks. I failed to mention this in my other reports, but every Monday, we have a small meeting on Mondays to handle the work that has to be finished at the end of the week.

After our meeting, my supervisor asked me if I wanted to participate in his meeting with a client. We went to the meeting room and called the client via TEAMs, and I sat next to him, noting their conversation.

However, nothing interesting has surfaced for me to do during this meeting. Nevertheless, I spend the rest of the afternoon trying to manage the new task my supervisor assigned me to. I did struggle a lot because of the; web site wants past projects to be no longer visible on google maps and the projects page. Therefore, I had to create a new Domain called “archive” in WordPress. In fonctions.php, I need to find how I can filter out every post with a domain equal to “archive.” Since the domains are custom taxonomies, to select them has a specific syntax. That I was not able to find …

sketch from CEO

Designing a pop-up for a school's open house tour| 12/01

Since I struggled a lot with, my supervisor assigned me to design a pop-up for They want a virtual open house tour, displayed as a pop-up that you decline and head to the usual site or accept and head to a list of videos that present the school.

At the end of the afternoon, I finished the design, which was validated soon after by the client via mail.

Final Design absil pop-up

This allowed me to initiate the developpement on the same day. This project has to be in HTML since they use an old Symfony for their website. I created the essential files and set up sass for this module.

Pop up developement| 13/01

I created the pop up from scratch; since the pop-ups I found are not coded, I could easily understand and adapt to my content and design the page as I have. Developing the pop up went smoothly, and at the beginning of the afternoon, I was finished with everything except for the transition animations. I struggled since I used “display: none” to hide my elements, I could not animate them.

Therefore I had to find the other solution using “opacity:0” instead of “display: none.” I tried lots of things, but I didn’t find a solution where everything displayed as it should. Therefore, I asked for help, and my supervisor helped me find a solution, scratched the logic behind his code, and then left me the rest to finish once he was convinced that I could manage the find the solution to the rest. I didn’t find the solution the same, since I was already tired of all the thinking.

sketch of my supervisor logic for animation solution

Pop-up module finished|14/01

Finished pop-up

In the morning, it took me 10min to find the solution to yesterday's problem. I replace overflow: auto to overflow hidden. It allowed me to hide the section underneath and on the next page. Since the columns are reverse, the right content is displayed and scrollable since the content container has an overflow-y=scroll. I pasted the folder to my supervisor's right location and am now free to write some of my reports now at work.

The rest of the afternoon, I worked on my Symfony portfolio to set up a login system for my backend admin.

Sources used for my afternoon work

During the afternoon, I had to tweak some “z-indexes” in the pop-up work's SCSS files, but nothing big?

Quick “under construction” & free for design work|15/01

Snowy Friday

On this snowy morning, I began working on a project that will be migrated and converted to WordPress. Therefore, the current static website needs to display that it is currently “under construction.” I downloaded the files from the browser and clear the code form unnecessarily.

I stored the files in a dev file with proper names, so my supervisor has no problem finding them when needed. I also did some emailing work for ImMediaConnect. I had to replace English content like pictures or text with French on 2 different versions and save it as a new file. Next, I had t fix some little bugs in my pop-up CSS because some elements were out of place in different browsers. This was quick and my supervisor already uploaded the pop-up on to

After lunch, I had to quickly create some small content and style the 404 pages for



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