Daniel Lucas

Internship — Week 03 (2021)

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Another 404 & Pop-up| 18/01

The struggle here this time was setting up a local environment to work on. Thus, I had to connect my localhost to a database and spelling mistakes or forgetting that in the past was ladygreen.be. While now, you find the site by typing lady-green.be. That changed the database and caused some issues for me to connect properly. However, once this issue was out of the way, styling the page went quickly.

After lunch, I got a new task assign, and again I have to design a pop-up for a school that wants something similar to absil.eu. I created a duplicate of the absil xd file and started editing the design to resemble the ARK website.

top row: 2 diffrent versions of scren 1 / bottom row: 2 diffrent versions of scren 2

Pop-up ARK begin development| 19/01

left: page 1 of pop-up / right: page 2 of pop-up (screenshot of 22/01/21)

ARK finished — back to Portfolio| 20/01

Afterward, I finished setting up my Easyadmin Dashboard. It’s hard to follow the docs because I don’t always feel like the docs are telling me what I want my website to do. I m an amateur at this; I don’t know all the right terms to search for answers. So it really feels like I am wandering on the web looking for clues.

Also, because my supervisor helps me with the login system, I have a well functioning login to my dashboard.

I update my bootstrap from version 4 to 5 to switch to complete Vanilla JS in the afternoon. Still, the console displayed an error in the variables.scss that does not recognize the “link-color” with function darken. I tried to solve this problem but with no success. Due to this issue, I went back to bootstrap 4 and tried to make the navbar work thanks to the jquery CDN. But somehow, it's not working as well. For today I m leaving this matter aside and am focusing on styling my mail button responsively.

ARK little design change / PN email signature| 21/01

This morning a little design change has occurred. Therefore I had to change the code a little before I had to update the design on adobe xd. Then get a confirmation. The client decided they want to have the titles above the videos. Once it was validated, the change was quickly done.

After lunch, we had a meeting with the people that provided us the Athena project. The meeting's purpose was to deliver us the necessary information and brief the project. We will already begin this project tomorrow since it has to be finished by the end of my internship.

Afterward, I was assigned to a new task. I had to code an HTML e-mail signature for “Port Noir.” I was provided with the previous version of it and had to update it to the new design.

old version
new version

Project Athena initiated| 22/01

In the afternoon, I wrote the rest of my week's internship report and then followed up with my portfolio. There I tried to find a solution to load my entities to my controller to provide my twig files with the information of the database.

Graduated in Computer Graphics, oriented in Web & Mobile Design at HEAJ Belgium