Internship — Week 03

At Intrépide Studio

Daniel Lucas
3 min readNov 30, 2020
Take care of your selves! (try have some fun too)

I’m happy that my internship hasn’t bored you yet!

I hope you are ready to hear some more of my Intrépide journey!

Haven’t you read the two previous articles?

Finished the home page | 30/11

At the start of this week, I started with the “Welgaume” home page again.

I have to ;

  • Fix that the first Image is not the same as the second one
  • Add responsive behavior
  • add hover state on the cards and extend links surface on this card

As I was working, my supervisor has observed me and advised me to change some code. For instance, I had to remove the white circle SVG that I got from adobe XD design file and replace it white a border:1px solid #000; border-radius:100%; .

green: white circle and where to how much red link should extend

In the afternoon, I finished the home page and restructured the “Gite” twig file so that the HTML structure corresponds to the Designs structure. Also, later that day, Mr. Pierret showed me how to install a font-face to the CSS.

the structure of gite pages (WP ACF)

Beginning the styling of “Gîte” pages| 01/12

On Tuesday, I managed to style;

  • the header of the page;
  • the banner section and
  • the reservation section.

(On the image above, that would mean from 1 to 3 is finished.)

header and banner before styling
header and banner after styling

However, I noticed some bugs :

  • the “active” class was not being applied correctly
  • language switcher has to be shortened (Français = FR)
  • adjust right padding a margins

Continuing with style and a beer? | 02/12

At lunch, I actually had the opportunity to drink a little at work because we had to try out 4 different beer cans. The goal was to keep in mind that it tastes as if u have just finished climbing a mountain and cheer with your buddy.

As for that, not much to say about this day except that I continued to style the “gite” post types.

Continuing with style without beer with rather with pizza| 03/12

I continued to style this as taking longer because the initial HTML was quite ugly, if I may say so. Therefore I had to reorder the HTML since I could manage to get it right from the get-go. At lunch, we ate pizza, this time for no client other than our stomachs.

beginning to the style of the last section/design of the last section

At the end of the day, I was almost finished with the styling. After the styling is done, I just got to add the responsiveness and fix the remaining issues.

“Welgaume” got a new look| 04/12

On Friday, I managed to finish the styling. Like every Friday, my supervisor leaves after lunch and left me with more tasks if I finish earlier than expected. However, this was not the case; I still got some little issues to solve, like the gallery of the 8 images that won't behave responsively. Regardless the styling is 99% finished, so I m quite happy with the result.



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