Daniel Lucas

Internship — Week 04 (2021)

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ARK Insert content + Logo sketches for Fortius| 25/01

finished pop-up

After our weekly meeting internally, I got my self the opportunity to design a logo for “Fortius”. It’s a company in Luxembourg that stores art of all sorts and also does transports of order that go directly through them. Mr. Chalon took some time to explain to Ms. Nothelier about “Fortius” and where to find the files they provided. The files give further detail about the company and business rivals etc. However, they also added files that clearly tell what they like and what they don't.

symbols they like

After reading and inspiring on Pinterest and Google, I started sketching all of my ideas. Once I emptied all of my ideas, I asked Ms. Nothelier to tell me what she likes most what I should develop further. This allowed me to progress get new ideas along the way. At the end of the day, I showed my sketches to Mr. Chalon and he seemed very satisfied with my work and keeps the sketches he liked most so he’ll do them on Illustrator later this week. However, If I got some time to spear I will ask him if he wouldn’t mind if I do it too.

Create Posts for Athena and logo design for fortius| 26/01

Attempt to design with Avada, favicon & logo fortius| 27/01

2 types of favicon

Correcting content insertion due to copy/paste formating| 28/01

Progress of logo design 3 different types

Uploading 404 page and adding Valentines menu link to Ladygreen | 29/01

Graduated in Computer Graphics, oriented in Web & Mobile Design at HEAJ Belgium