Internship — Week 05 (2021)

At Intrépide Studio

Daniel Lucas
4 min readFeb 7, 2021

This is the last week I’m at Intrepide Studio they are great people who take their job seriously and want to give maximum quality. I am sad that it is ending but glad that I had this opportunity!

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Ladygreen theme option| 01/02

This morning I took care of the task that was assigned to me before the weekend. In the picture below, you can see how it looks like in the backend. This will add a link tag in the font-end part called “Découvrir le menu Saint-Valentin”. I also noticed that I forgot to update my “all in one sport Internship reports,” so I immediately updated them. As a result, you should find every article easily.

back - end of ladygreen 2 new text field

The rest of the day I spend on the Fortius logo, which has probably no chance of getting picked by the client since the logo presentation was today, but that wasn’t the goal. The Designers here wanted me to understand the procedure and learn.

Remote work/maintenance work| 02/02

Since there is a slight chance that a coworker at Intrepide Studio might have been infected, we are departing in remote work until we know his/her result. Today I begin with back-ups, updates & checking for bugs on all websites. Then in the afternoon, I continued practicing on the Fortius logo while no other tasks are assigned.

We are told that the one employee was tested positive, and therefore everyone has to stay home and do a test. After that I got a little task, absil wants to change the content of the pop-up.

Remote work continues| 03/02

The remote work continues. I continued where I left off with the Fortius logo and asked for feedback from time to time to improve it further and learn the right thought process. After a while, I decided to switch to my Google docs, where I m elaborating my Graduation work idea. Spend the rest of the day on this.

Little bug fix for| 04/02

This morning absil was experiencing 2 bugs. First, the content of the pop-up is hidden in small devices. This was because the overflow was at “hidden” instead of “auto”. the other bug that my supervisor fixed was a blue blur on the page that prevented users from pressing anything. This was due to one of my CSS classes.

Last day at Intrepide Studio as an Intern| 05/02

Today is the last day at work, or at home. I hoped that it could have been in the Studio but regardless the more reason it gives me to return and give a proper goodbye and gratitude for these 2 and a half months. This morning I continued thinking about the TFE and tried to inspire myself on various platforms for a potential logo for the project. In the afternoon I used my time to clean the mac from my mess. I also saved some of the work on my drive so I can look it up when needed.

Conclusion / Last words

(I ll complete this once I am able to retirn to the studio an meet them)



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