Daniel Lucas

Internship — Week 05 (2021)

This is the last week I’m at Intrepide Studio they are great people who take their job seriously and want to give maximum quality. I am sad that it is ending but glad that I had this opportunity!

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Ladygreen theme option| 01/02

back - end of ladygreen 2 new text field

The rest of the day I spend on the Fortius logo, which has probably no chance of getting picked by the client since the logo presentation was today, but that wasn’t the goal. The Designers here wanted me to understand the procedure and learn.

Remote work/maintenance work| 02/02

We are told that the one employee was tested positive, and therefore everyone has to stay home and do a test. After that I got a little task, absil wants to change the content of the pop-up.

Remote work continues| 03/02

Little bug fix for absil.eu| 04/02

Last day at Intrepide Studio as an Intern| 05/02

Conclusion / Last words

Graduated in Computer Graphics, oriented in Web & Mobile Design at HEAJ Belgium