Internship — Week 05

At Intrépide Studio

Daniel Lucas
6 min readDec 14, 2020

The week before, I talked to my colleagues and CEOs that, even though I’m learning much in development and that I really enjoy it, I want to do some designing to get as much of both experiences as I can. That would enable me to know exactly what I like the most. So I don’t regret later in my career to have chosen the development path, for instance.

They gladly agree on giving me both works since the last week before the holidays, my supervisor is on leave, and I will have a week of design work waiting for me.

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Still welgaume| 14/12

I’m still in preproduction with Welgaume, and I’m ensuring everything is running correctly. While checking, I noticed that I still have to style the privacy policy page and add the favicon. This was done in the morning, and I also created the main user account for the client with his data. Next, I checked that he has access to all essentials that he needs access to and if the page is still displaying everything as it should.

After lunch, my supervisor explained to me how they do their “e-mailings.” Meaning the HTML is injected in e-mails for the clients, containing links and images to direct users to clients' web pages. They are old fashioned coded HTML containing style in the HTML code and table tags stanked in table tags. This was the solution back then to create so nice looking pages and still be used for emails since not all e-mailing services have evolved.

Similar to these examples;

First Design work| 15/12

Today I got my first web design assignment, but I had to finish the HTML for the E-mail before that. I told you yesterday that it is coded in a very old fashioned, today I got an example to show you what it looks like.

a table in a table in another table
visual of the HTML email work| left: design/right: HTML

Once this was done, I began to edit banners in photoshop that Mr. Chalon provided me and translate the original English version into French, Spanish, and Brazilan. I didn’t have to do the real translation since Mr. Chalon provided me with a document file that contained the translated content of the 3 languages.

left: file management / right: banner translation work in photoshop

In the afternoon, my supervisor had some improvements to indicate to me about welgaume in the privacy policy area. For instance, the spacing between title and title was too big to decrease the space. An increase the spacing between paragraph and paragraph.


Also, I created a new table, which one the old website was a picture.

left: the old image of table/ right: new table I created in WP and styled with CSS

Once this was done, work is almost over for today. However, one of the Bosses, Mr.Scholtes, noticed some issues in integrating the welgaumes home page and insisted that the Call to action color changes from the gite page to the gite page.

Integration adjustments Welgaume| 16/12

In the morning, I finished the asked adjustments, like the home buttons' placement.

left: old positioning / right: new positioning

And change CTA color from one gite page to another.

left: gite page one / right: gite page two

After this was done, I continued with my Bootstrap training. Like I did in the very first week.

Illustrate senario| 17/12

On Thursday, Mr.Scholtes assigned me with a design task. I have to finish the screens of the scenario a client gave him. I had a document in which I could read the scenario the client is expecting. Mr.Scholtes gave me all the necessary sources, giving me access to his AI file and SVG files with some essential objects. Also, he suggested going on to get characters for the design and afterward editing them to resemble the same as his work.

So I started to create the first screen by taking the animation he left off.

This is the work I managed to do before lunch. While we had a special lunch, I asked for advice on my current work. After lunch, I optimized it thanks to the feedback I got.

not convinced that I chose good stroke color for the character

I continued to do the remaining screens. I still had two more to finish.

Again I read the scenario and began creating what I thought was best.

Two last screens

The last Friday that isn’t Christmas for this year| 18/12

This morning my supervisor assigned me to back up a list of websites and to update them. Also, to check that before and after the updates, everything is still running smoothly.

I had to check on 6 websites in total, and 4 of them had problems even before doing the updates. So I wrote them down in my notebook to later send them clean to my supervisor via e-mail.

I ignore my spelling when writing notes in my notebook…

Once this was done, I continued working on the bootstrap training project.

Time flies by, and it's exactly 7 days before Christmas. I still feel like I have much to learn and to become much more efficient. Since when I listen to my supervisor about his estimations on work duration on welgaume, I easily took 10x longer than him. I plan on improving my speed but without sacrificing any quality.

See you on next week's reports; until then, stay safe and have some hot chocolate.



Daniel Lucas

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