TFE: Combo NoteZ— 2

2021 — Graduation project at Haute École Albert Jaquard

Daniel Lucas
2 min readMar 16, 2021

Link to the MVP documentation of Combo NoteZ

The Google doc above is organized by how you land on the website. Followed by the main functionalities of the website.

My progression

Since the last article, I have done the following things

  • Create a Google Form to help me find the core functionalities of my project.
  • I have defined various aspects of my project's Graphic Identity. The only thing left to define is the fonts and color palette I’ll be using.
  • Created the MVP screens for the MVP doc on Figma. Thanks to GFrom and my analysis of it I know which content is essential.
Main page / Main page filter menu open / Create Combo Note Screen
  • Sketching Logo ideas.
Logo sketches
  • Recorded the most basic combo in the game to later use a visual example to present to people. I initiated through how to explain & present my project in the most simple way to non-users.
This combo is executed by pressing the square button on the PS4 repeatedly. (“u” on the keyboard, Y on the switch, and X on the Xbox)

For more information on the project also visit this doc.



Daniel Lucas

Graduated in Computer Graphics, oriented in Web & Mobile Design at HEAJ Belgium